E Waste FAQs

How much does it cost to book an E Waste collection?

Collection charges are calculated on quantity, location, accessibility of the assets, and the number of staff required to collect it. Our standard charges start at $99 p/h (ex gst) for a single load / one person to attend your site with onsite parking. We are able to collect small and large loads. Fee rebates are available for some equipment and collection charges may be waived for some NFP organisations. Please contact us today for an estimate.

I only have one or two items to recycle?

We have listened to our customers about the financial and environmental cost of small collections and recently added a service called ‘Courier Collect’. Instead of our vans making a scheduled collection at your site, you simply pack and label your items ready for collection by our courier. We can even provide boxes and packaging. This is ideal for small electronics, a few laptops or smartphones, boxes of cables etc. Please call for more details.

What are fee rebates?

IT equipment is assessed based on the several factors including; value of parts in the secondary market, scrap metal value and cost of disposal. Often there is enough residual value in the equipment to cover the entire collection fee.

What is computer recycling?

When it comes time to throw out that old PC and upgrade to a newer model, one of the biggest mistakes that users can make is to throw it out as they would any other type of waste. Read more about computer recycling here.

What electronics can I have collected?

We accept most IT equipment including: Desktop PC, Notebook / Laptop, Tablet, Server, Input Devices (keyboard, mouse, scanner), POS, Printer, Monitor, Cables and Connectors, Server Rack, Mobile Phone, Business Telephone PABX System and Handset, Portable Device, UPS, Hard Disc Drive (HDD), Networking Switch / Router and Toner Cartridges. CRT TV’s, CRT Monitors and floor standing copiers require specialist recycling due to the lead in the glass. Additional fees apply.

How do I book a collection?

To get a quote tailored for your collection please complete the online form or call us on 02 9316 9337. We will normally reply to online enquiries within one business day.

Can I drop off IT equipment at your premises?

Yes. We accept E Waste items at Unit 6 1547 Botany Road Botany NSW 2019 Monday to Friday 9.30 to 4.30. Sorting and / or recycling fees may apply.

Where do you collect from?

We are based in Botany, South Sydney and will collect from most locations in greater Sydney. Please contact us if you are not sure.

Who are your customers?

We work with all business from Enterprise-Level Corporate to Medium and Small Business, Government Agencies and Not For Profit organisations. We can also collect from small or home office organisations that often cannot afford to dedicate time and human resources to an E Waste management strategy. We have found that business owners, managers and support staff often want to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill but are restricted by the costs associated with proper disposal. This leads to either inaction; IT assets left in a store room to devalue or improper, unsafe disposal.

When can you collect my equipment?

We are able to offer business hours and after hours** collections. Same or next day ‘EXPRESS’ collections are often available. Additional fees may apply.

What happens to any data on our equipment?

All data storage devices are wiped, or physically destroyed and completely recycled for their metal content. Additional levels of data destruction are available*. Please contact us for details.

Do I need to do anything to my equipment prior to collection?

Not unless you wish to – we will collect them as they stand. Additional data security services are available.

*minimum/maximum loads may apply, excludes CRT and floor standing printer / copiers
**additional charges may apply

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