Computer Recycling and Disposal

E-Waste Transport Options

Drop Off

We accept residential and commercial quantities of ewaste at our recycling centre in Botany.


If you would prefer us to collect the equipment, our friendly and professional staff will pick up your ewaste at a pre-arranged time and transport it back to our processing centre for recycling.

Optional Services
– Dismantle or decommission equipment on customer site
– Provide boxes or bins prior to collection

Courier Collect

For small quantities our budget ‘Courier Collect’ service allows you to package up a few items for our courier to collect from your reception or front desk.

Optional Services
-Boxes and tape mailed to you prior to collection


Asset tags and identifiers are removed from equipment. Hard drives and storage media are removed from the device and data / drive destroyed for recycling. Paper documentation that is present is shredded in a commercial grade shredder and recycled.

Data Destruction

Data security is crucial to all business however Government, Health and Military organisations have to be extra cautious. Extra paid services for data destruction on all hard drive types including IDE, SATA, SAS, SCSI and SSD are available. Wiped Hard Drives can be returned to customers for archiving or sent for physical shredding and material recycling. For more information about why computer recycling is so important, read about it here.

Optional Services
– Multiple pass wipe using security software
– Degausing; use magnetic field to permanently destroy data on a hard drive


Keeping track of assets is hard enough when they are purchased and deployed, it is even harder at end of life. After processing we are able to provide a report on assets collected including manufacturer, model and serial number to assist with removing end of life equipment from the asset register.

– Please ask about custom reports and/or certificate of recycling.

Data Centre, Communications Room and Office Clearance

We have experience in clearing high volumes of equipment from commercial premises: data centres, offices and server rooms. Service includes removal of IT and Communications equipment, data cabling and soft wiring.

– Please contact to discuss a tailored solution for your business.

Asset Disposal

Optional Services
– Recycling / asset disposal consulting
– Equipment remarketing to your staff – an arms length solution for you

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