E-Waste Processing

computer recyclingAll equipment that arrives in our e-waste depot in Botany goes through the same careful process to ensure that your data and commercial in confidence information is secure.

The initial sort identifies any loose metals like cables, transformers, steel, copper and aluminium which is put into the correct bins for recycling at a local metal recycling company.

Hard drives and other storage media are removed from the equipment for wiping and/or physical destruction. The drives are securely stored prior to physical destruction.

Asset tags and identifiers are removed from the equipment to ensure customer privacy and any sensitive commercial documentation is shredded in a commercial shredder ready to be sent to a paper recycling company.

The equipment is then assessed for the appropriate recycling stream to avoid double handling and the most efficient method of disposal.

Clients are welcome to visit the depot in Botany to see how we operate – we have also had school children come and see how e-waste is recycled for a school project.

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