Tech Props

We often get calls from advertising agencies, move set designers and theatre productions requesting old technology equipment from previous eras to add authenticity to a production.

Several big budget productions have used our equipment for productions at Fox Studios, NIDA and on location in Centennial Park as well as smaller productions and adverts around Sydney.

We keep a permanent collection of vintage landline telephones, mobile phones, laptop and desktop computers and monitors for rental. There is always computer equipment available for purchase that can be modified by you for your specific design requirements.

All equipment provided for set props can be returned at the end of the production for responsible recycling free of charge.

Whether you are creating a futuristic science fiction set or a nineties drama we are sure to have ‘old tech’ to help you create your vision. Call us with your set design specification and we will help bring your vision to life.

For more information or to discuss a concept
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